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“Stay Away from Negative People. They Have a Problem for Every Solution.” - ALBERT EINSTEIN

Our Growth Story

The Fun Finds! brand is a part of the Widener Group LLC family of companies. Fun Finds! was started several years ago as a “pilot,” also known as a “proof of concept.” We wanted to see if the products would be well-received by the consumer. For this reason, not a single item was ever sold on this website, and the website was never registered with any of the Internet Search Engines. Instead, testing for the concept was done with customers through person-to-person sales at local flea markets.

This turned out to be a successful strategy, and the company has stuck with it ever since. Very soon we will be having an official Grand Opening online. And, with our unique approach, we offer the best of the web as well as the best of the store, thereby protecting the consumer from the risks of the internet and the high prices of the store, at the same time. In short, it’s the best of both worlds!