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“I Might Only Have One Match … But I Can Make an Explosion.”

Our Leader’s Story

The Fearless Leaders of Fun Finds are the leaders of the parent company: ONUS Pro Holding Company, LLC. They envisioned and then created the concept of “responsible retailing.” They are very passionate about what they do. This passion stems from their respective careers that has resulted in the birth of a vision. Their vision is simple: we should take responsibility for the betterment of our own country, and not wait on others to do it for us.

When it comes to retail, this concept translates well: Fun Finds offers better products at better prices … to promote easier, better, and more affordable living.  The ONUS Pro leadership believes that consumers should have access to affordable products without sacrificing quality. They also believe that lower prices leave more money in the pockets of the consumer, resulting in a better economy over the long term. A better economy means a better country.

Our leaders over at ONUS Po are passionate about solving problems. In a nutshell:

“Every Problem is solvable. But does every problem stay solved? There is always a short-term solution and a long-term solution to every problem. Are you addressing both at the same time while problem-solving? If not, then you are mostly likely not solving the problem.”

– [ONUS Pro Leadership]

Our leaders are also passionate about solving one of the biggest problems facing our country, today: the long-term economic stability problem. They feel that their purpose is to assist in revitalizing the U.S. Economy. Their exposure throughout their career to our country’s economic challenges stems from their professional careers. The result? A lot of passion!