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“Leaders Should Not Be in Love with Money But in Love with Justice. Not in Love with Publicity But in Love with Humanity.”

The Econ-O-Meter

The United States ranks number one as the country with the highest amount of debt. See below:

Countries With the Most Debt
CountryGDP (2010 est., USD)Debt as Percent Of GDP (2010 est.)
United States $14.6 trillion 92.7
China $5.7 trillion 19.1
Japan $5.4 trillion 225.9
Jermany $3.3 trillion 75.3

Our company is committed to revitalizing the United States Economy, and this can be accomplished by paying off the U.S. National Debt. To help us accomplish goal, we must be able to “measure” or “gauge” how well we are doing. Well, now we can. Introducing … the Econ-O-Meter!

The Econ-O-Meter measures how much on average each customer has saved while shopping on our website. The goal is to save each customer enough money to enable them to buy something else with their savings, thereby causing the extra money to recirculate back in to the Economy. If enough money is saved overall, then, research shows that the U.S. economy would be able to pay off it’s own debt.

The Econ-O-Meter
Overall Savings: