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“I’m a Groupy Stick. Not to be confused with a Grouper Fish. I’m Chill. I Love to Capture the Thrill. With All My Peeps Together in a Group, For Real!”


The Groupie Stick!

Here at Fun Finds! we offer he exclusive Groupie Stick! This interesting little gadget can do everything that a Selfie Stick can do. But, it can also take a picture of you and your friends without needing anyone else’s assistance!

Each Groupie Stick comes with a tri-pod attached to the bottom of the stick. This enables the customer to sit the Groupie Stick on the ground and aim it at the group. Then, with the remote control, you just take the picture!

The Groupie Stick is not Bluetooth, it is a wired device. We believe that this makes it easier to share with your friends and easier to set up for each and every picture. The wire plugs directly in to your phone’s audio plug.

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