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“No. Not Bigfoot … he’s a Sasquatch … Bigfeet! I mean … these cables are really looong. Yep. A lot of feet!”


Big Feet Cables

Here at Fun Finds! we have big dreams, big hopes, and big feet! Our company is home to the exclusive Big Feet Cables! This is a 10-foot-long charging cable that is made for your iPhone or Android device. These extra long cables provide extra flexibility in terms of where they are used and how they are used.

We have been told that some people really like talking on the phone while relaxing in their bed, while their phone is plugged up to the wall. Another person said they enjoyed the extra-long length because it allowed that person to keep it plugged up while using their phone to take pictures of items that they put on their dinning room table to sell on the Internet. Still, others have bought them in bulk to use at a hospital, so that customers in the hospital bed could keep their phones with them and plugged up, while they recover their health in bed. Learn more about our Big Feet Cables by visiting our sister website: