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“The Internet Is Where False Hope Hides. Trust Cannot Always Be Found. But When It Comes to Trust, Trust In Us, Hands Down. You See, Our Boots Are Always Planted Firmly On the Ground.”

Boots On the Ground

Shhhhh … don’t tell anybody …but … just like the military, we also have “Boots” on the ground! Have you ever longed for the good ole’ days when you used to be able to check out a product and “kick the tires” before you bought something? Just to make sure it was all it was said to be? Well, now you can!

Here at Fun Finds!, we don’t hide out on the Internet. So, feel free to come see us where we exist, right here on Planet Earth. Yep. It’s true! So, stop by and pay us a visit. You can find us in the Washington DC Metro Area at local flea markets. We currently sell our products at this location on the weekends.

North Point Plaza Indoor Market
2401 North Point Road
Dundalk, MD 21222